Learn all about Meeting Design with Mike van der Vijver


Key-note speaker Mike van der Vijver, Managing Partner at MindMeeting BV, will offer participants a mixture of experiential learning and insights through theory and new knowledge.

Session 1: So, What’s That Like, a Meeting?

What are the characteristics of meetings as a form of communication? What distinguishes them from other forms of communication? Many meeting professionals have an intuitive idea of the communicative power of meetings, but a comprehensive framework is missing. This keyshop describes meetings through their 7 main peculiarities. It roughly corresponds to Chapters 1-7 of “Into the Heart of Meetings.” Duration: 45-60 minutes

Session 2: Meeting Design in Practice

After a brief explanation of how Meeting Design works, participants will design a very brief meeting, in groups of 6-7. They will then carry out this meeting, involving real participants. The moderator comments on the outcomes and draws lessons from this related to the Design process, as well as to the topics covered in Session 1. In view of the large number of participants, the meetings will be extremely brief. This short time is a major challenge for the participants. At the same time, it guarantees an extremely lively and highly interactive session. Total: 100 minutes

Session 3: The Solutions Room

In order to draw out the learnings and applications of the learnings at the end of the programme, we will do The Solutions Room. Duration: around 90 minutes.


About Mike van der Vijver, Managing Partner, MindMeeting BV
Twitter: @mikevijv
MikevanderVijverResizedMike van der Vijver operates as a free-lance Meeting Designer of international meetings for a wide variety of international clients through his company MindMeeting. MindMeeting specialises in the design of effective meeting programmes for international organisations. He also works as an advisor, Trainer and Coach in Intercultural Management. Mike is a regular speaker, moderator or chairman of the day at meetings on topics such as meeting effectiveness, innovative meeting formats, and especially Meeting Design. Mike is the co-author of Into the Heart of Meetings, the first book on Meeting Design, published in January 2013. He is a native of the Netherlands but his main base, however, is in Naples (Italy).