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The second Inside conference was a great success! Thank you all for creating meetings with us.
See you next year for the 3rd Inside Conference in Novi Sad!


“Cheers everybody, thx for having us!”
Jovan Jelovac

“First of all, I had a lot of fun working together. I loved all the examples of design, storytelling and concrete products & outcomes Davod and Jovan brought us. As I mentioned Friday, it was almost uncanny to hear you use the exact same words my colleague Eric and I use, such as the Chemistry between participants and the dramaturgy of a meeting. This tells me that the relatively new field of Meeting Design – Eric and I coined the term only a dozen years ago, or so – i indeed part of the design world – possibly more so than of the traditional meeting industry. And THAT is a challenge we together need to work on.”
Mike van der Vijver

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